Frequently Asked Questions

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Re: Web Design, Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Q. Can I get my own domain name? (www.mybusiness.com.)

A. Yes you can. We will walk you through this process. See our domain registration page

Q. Do I need my own computer?

A. Technically no. However, if you wish to update your site you will need access to one. You will also need to have access to a PC for retrieval of your email. For www.cheryltorain.com we do the updating since the business needs its site updated frequently. So if you have a site that has frequent updates, you might have us maintain the site for you.

Q. How does one update a site?

A. The most common way sites are updated is by using a web authoring program such as the one we use - Dreamweaver or MS Frontpage and a FTP (file transfer protocol) program for uploading files to your host server. We can assist with training should this be required.

Q. How much does it cost to build a website?

A. This depends on what the client requires on their website. Larger, more detailed sites are obviously more expensive. Small sites(3 - 6 pages with custom graphics, navigation, links, and search engine submissions) usually start around $750. See our pricing schedule.

Sites that use flash, ecommerce sites, database driven sites, cost more because much more time is involved in creating this type of content. Such sites can cost several thousands of dollars. Charm City Solutions works closely with the client to establish their needs and then works within their allocated budget to come up with a design that is both functional and well designed. We also taken into account that the website can be expanded at a later date, should the client wish to do so.

Q. What are the monthly fees?

A. The monthly cost is for the hosting of the website. Websites are stored on host servers that are continuously connected to the internet. When a websurfer types in a web address eg: www.charmcitysolutions.com the computer that hosts that site sends the requested information to the websurfer's computer.

The cost to host a website is minimal. Usually less than $20 a month. For very small sites(3 to 4 pages) the cost is about $15 a month. See our hosting packages.

The hosting companies are not like your ISP. You will still need an isp account for your own websurfing and retrieving of your email that is received by the hosting company and then forwarded to your email box.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Small sites can be built in about a week or so. Larger sites usually take several weeks or even months to complete. Again this obviously depends on what has been planned for the site.

Q. How do I get started now that I know a little bit more?

A. Go to our domain registration page, then check out our web design page, choose your web hosting options. You can then either contact us for a web design quotation or fill in our registration form.